Sunday, March 3, 2013

Haiku by Sue Neufarth Howard

Neighboring trees,
bare branches brush, clack, tangle
in the rush of brusque wind.

The cat's tummy time
on my lap; I doze to a
purr-fect lullaby.

Forest branches bald
and nearly bare, a playground
for gymnastic squirrels.

Hanging brass wind chimes
sway like a metronome
in the whipping wind.

Sue Neufarth Howard.  Cincinnati native, published poet, visual artist, former business writer in marketing and sales training; retired.  Graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and University of Cincinnati Evening College.  Member, Greater Cincinnati Writers League (GCWL) and Colerain Artists.  Received Third Prize and/or Honorable Mention in several Ohio Poetry Day Contests since 1998. 1983 Poet Laureate for Clifton Heights/Fairview - Cincinnati Recreation Commission Neighborhood Poetry Contest.  Poems published in the Journal of Kentucky Studies - 25th Anniversary Edition; the Mid-America Poetry Review; Nomad's Choir; The Incliner - Cincinnati Art Museum;  the Creative Voices Anthology of the Institute for Learning in Retirement, City of Cincinnati; in several For a Better World - Poems on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists anthologies; and Poetic Hours Magazine, Carlton, England. Poetry chapbooks self published via in 2012: TreeScapes, EarthWords, and In and Out of the Blue Zoo.

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