Monday, March 4, 2013

Haiku by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

Blue-colored morning
dream wisps fading in-
to first thoughts
always a hair on
the bristles of my toothbrush
sometimes two
yesterday's main streets
all the half-
remembered somethings
ayaz daryl nielsen - poet/editor/husband/father/army veteran/x- roughneck (as on oil rigs)/x-hospice nurse/editor of bear creek haiku (20+years/110+issues), resplendent homes for poems include Lilliput Review, Shemom (ed Peggy),Yellow Mama (ed Cindy), Shamrock (Irish Haiku Society, a most favorite online poetry pub), Lalitamba, Kind Of A Hurricane Press (yay, Amy!), also various anthologies/some awards (all deeply embraced), poetry ensembles include Concentric Penumbra’s of the Heart, and, Tumbleweeds Still Tumbling, (both from the fierce poetry funhouse of ayaz daryl nielsen) beloved wife/poet Judith Partin-Nielsen, and! (translates as joie de vivre)

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