Sunday, January 20, 2013

Haiku by Tom Gribble

Study 4

The lake

A looking glass,

Trees take off their coats

Study 13

Murky water

Buffalo christened

A rice paddy emperor

Study 16

The rain’s shyness

Its pointillism graffiti…

Tattoo’s impermanence 

Study 17

I dream I’m awake

Written on my eyes

The obituary of night

Study 54

A leopard tattoo

On her neck the cat

Looks comfortable
Tom Gribble is a poet, publisher and teacher. His work has appeared in Chattahoocee Review, Puerto Del Sol, Hawai’i Review, and others. Tom was awarded a fellowship from the Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission and the Associated Writing Programs Intro to Journals for poetry award. 

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