Friday, January 25, 2013

Haiku by Martin Willitts, Jr.

A snowflake
between two open hands,
a prayer in free-fall.

Cascading lights
ignites a river —
thrill-seeking moths dive in its sweat.

Haiku sleeps in —
rosy- purple Bush clover
almost missing spring.

Silence is a frog
forgetting harmony
on closing night.

Martin Willitts Jr retired as a Senior Librarian and is living in Syracuse, New York. He is currently a volunteer literacy tutor. He is a visual artist of Victorian and Chinese paper cutouts. He was nominated for 5 Pushcart and 3 Best Of The Net awards. He has three full length books "The Secret Language of the Universe" (March Street Press, 2006), and “The Hummingbird” (March Street Press, 2009), and “The Heart Knows, Simply, What It Needs: Poems based on Emily Dickinson, her life and poetry” (Aldrich Press, 2012). His forthcoming poetry books include Waiting For The Day To Open Its Wings” (UNBOUND Content, 2013), Art Is the Impression of an Artist” (Edgar and Lenore's Publishing House, 2013), “City Of Tents”  (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2013), "A Is for Aorta" (Seven Circles  Press, e-book, 2013), and "Swimming In the Ladle of Stars" (Kattywompus Press, 2013). 

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