Monday, October 20, 2014

Haiku by Stacy Lynn Mar


She's misunderstood,
A bright neon stop-light of
Backroad confetti


I am all elbows,
A breathless sigh midmorning,
My lovers still sleeping.

The Lonely

Strange bare parallel crosswalks,
We are all alone.


Two cups of red wine
Lovers dream atop barstools,
The young streets of Spain.

Hanging the Stars

She's not doing much,
Just wrestling a werewolf moon
And hanging silver stars

Stacy Lynn Mar is a 30-something American poet.  Inspired by the works of Sharon Olds and Anne Sexton, her work is primarily confessional.  She holds three graduate degrees in psychology and attended Lindsey Wilson College of Human Sciences as well as Ellis College of NYIT for a BA in English.  Shacy divides her time between her young daughter, her forays into writing, a genuine love of books, film, coffee, vintage things, and her life partner.  She is founder and masthead of a new literary ezine for women, Pink. Girl. Ink, and also has a book review blog.  She invites you to visit her personal blog  

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