Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Haiku from John Miatech

Snow Squall

Chilly winter guest:
Snow squall off of Pt. Aux Chien
erasing the sky!


Testicles, icicles
Everything hangs useless now
that it is winter!


Ruby Valley, June
Ground squirrels commune in the road:
Open range country

Passing Through

little viceroy,
drunk again on purple thistle:
summer is passing

Ruby Mountains in July

Along the roadside
White mare, brown colt lie in sage:
Dawn, Ruby Mountains

John Miatech’s poems speak of wild places, of the spiritual relationship between humans and the Earth, of the deeper belief that everything in the natural world is alive and connected, and that you can find this out for yourself if you take the time. Growing up in Michigan, John has lived in California for most of his adult life. This has allowed him to roam the rich landscape of lakes and rivers, deserts, mountains and forests that these two regions provide, giving him a deep bond with the secret places of both areas, and with the voices that speak within their borders. His work has appeared in Anesthesia Review, BlazeVox, RiverSedge, Cellar Roots, Big River Poetry Review, Savasvati, Blue Lake Review and Northwest Review.

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