Saturday, March 2, 2013

Haiku by John Polelle

Now nights dark beauty
complete with crown of stars.
The sun disrobes her.

Full bloom gone to seed
summers blossom falls to earth
promising return.

By day all is known;
light of reason everywhere.
But then comes moonrise.

Ugly crawling bug
that decimates my rose bush;
soon a butterfly.

Gritty , grey sea shell
protects the slimy oyster
making lustrous pearls.

John Polelle is one of five poets of the Pot Luck Poets group that came together in the Gig Harbor , Washington area about four years ago after meeting at a workshop conducted by Tom Crawford . He has only recently been submitting his work for review and possible publication . Two of his poems have been published by the on-line journal Quill and Parchment .

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