Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Haiku by Les Merton

om meditation
peace on earth
man and cormorant
fishing the river together
old Chinese ways live
ring the temple bell
every morning in India
the Gods will hear you
Les Merton became a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow for services to Cornish Literature in 2004; his Bardic name is Map Hallow (Son of the Moors). He is an award winning poet and the founder editor of Poetry Cornwall. He has 20 books to his credit including these poetry collections: Cornflakes and Toast, Light the Muse, As Yesterday Begins, Dreckly - a collection of possibilities. He  has also been the editor of the following poetry anthologies: 101 Poets for a Cornish Assembly, Great Trees of Cornwall and Cornwall an anthology of poems and poetry.

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