Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Haiku by Nells Wasilewski

leaves long gone
fierce winter winds blow--bare limbs
shiver in protest

a cold winter night
warmth radiates between us
your heart next to mine

early spring morning
frost lingers--buttercups glisten
winter's fleeing kiss

icy waves spew wrath
upon a deserted shore
drowning self pity

Nells Wasilewski lives in a small southern town, seventy miles southeast of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Walter.  She retired from the mortgage industry in 2011 and began pursuing her lifelong dream of writing.  Her writing has been greatly influenced by her faith in Jesus Christ, her own experiences and nature.  She is currently working on daily devotionals.  Her work has appeared in Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, 50 Haikus, Poetry Quarterly, Barefoot Review, and Dual Coast Magazine.

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